"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Vlog: Sunday Set

Have you ever felt like your life was a sort of washing machine? OK, let me break it down. It's that feeling of one thing after the other. You never seem to be able to get a break. From one slow period to a spin cycle where you can barely get anything done yet you're busier than Santa on Christmas Eve. I joke but you get what I mean right? Feeling like my life is not on fast forward and me barely catching up is a feeling go am trying to get rid of right now. I have been trying to continue doing the things I love on the side but it's not always easy but trust me, these things are essential to live with a minimum amount of sanity.

Blogging & vlogging being big passions for us, baby sis & I have started a new Vlog called Sunday Set. We have so far uploaded 2 episodes. The first one is about relationships and the second one on being an introvert. We are committed to touching on real life issues that concern us on a personal level. Each episode is just a few minutes long with a fresh new episode each week!

Check them out & enjoy!

episode one

Episode two

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Real Talk > BULLYING

I recently came across a post on a blog of a really good friend of mine and immediately I read it, I knew I had to share. J. from BeJustWhoYouAre was kind enough to let me share (thanks J. ;)).
 Though it's a subject we all know about, I believe we have grown to  banalize it, in every sense of the word. Whether it be in kindergarten, in the bus or at work, bullying is not to be accepted.

i feel like this is the right moment to do this. Today I’m gonna talk about my experience with bullying. 
First, let me tell you that it was probably the worst time of my life but at the end of the day, it makes you stronger.
I was 13 and i was fat (let’s use real words). Some guys in school used to make fun of me during PE. In the beginning, i didn’t take it too seriously but PE was really hard for me and with all those bad comments and laughs, it was even harder. I used to cry every monday (yep, monday and PE totally sucked haha). I told my mum i didn’t wanted to go to the gym because i was fat and i was unable to do the same things as the other boys. She forced me to go to school.( today i think it was a good decision, Thanks Mum) I even asked her to call my doctor to ask him for a certificate to skip PE classes for the entire year. Of course, she didn’t call my doctor, but she called my PE teacher. (I was terrified) My teacher did something really cool but really scary at the same time. He talked to me and he said : « boy, you can’t skip classes, I’m gonna talk to the boys and everything will be fine ». ->13 years old, bullied and your teacher is gonna talk to the boys that bully you, do really need to say that I WAS FREAKING OUT!
He just said a few words to them but it was enough. He explained how i was feeling and that if any of them made fun of me again, he wouldn’t get a good grade for PE. they were nicer after that, but the time spent in school was not that cool. I had almost no friends and i felt so bad in my own skin.
Today, I smile thinking about it because even if it was hard, it helped me to become the man I am today. I lost a lot of weight and it gave me self confidence and today I feel totally fine in my own skin. 
If i shared this personal story with you, is just because I wish i had read something like this when I was 13. It was 8 years ago but I still keep it with me, every day and it helps me to go through everything. It motived me on my weight loss (-30kg) and today i feel totally fine talking about it. If you are bullied, please tell someone, your friends, your family or someone you can rely on. You don’t have to be ashamed! I know it’s hard but one day, everything will be better. 
Be strong, be you and don’t change for anyone. 

Soul Food: Perspectives

Hi guys!

Before I start, I owe you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I pray you and your loved ones have begun 2016 with joy, laughter, testimonies and many other good things. My pray for you all is that this year brings greater testimonies, bigger opportunities and more strength and that the grace of God may always find you!

These last few days, weeks, months even, has been like a big show outside of my own body. I'm not saying I've changed, cause if you pay attention, you'll see I haven't...but I have learnt a lot. Mostly about myself. My perpective has changed now I'm fighting to keep the focus.

I'd always been careful about protecting myself from exterior factors that may cause a chain reaction leading to any kind of change no matter how small. But what happens when the walls fall? Well, vulnerability definitely comes next. But vulnerability helps to build strength. It's taking a chance. Seeing other things, other people through different eyes and submitting to the fact that there is much more, bigger and greater than my little world. It's about learning from others what you thought you'd always known, acquired or earned.

More and more, I'm realizing that things are not the way they seem and people are not black or white; my life is worth living; pain will come but there is always a choice; getting hurt is a risk worth taking; we all need each other to survive.

On this journey, nothing is for sure or unchanging, only the one who made it: God. 
All you can do is make the most of it.

Smile. Keep your head up. 

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